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with the existence of public insurance grange will idup comfortable and safe. :)
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nine exciting activities you can do with the children.

Here are nine exciting activities you can do with the children.

1. Exploring the world through the ball. Encourage your child to discuss a place through a globe. tell me about the culture, the earth, and people in place with simple language.

2. Involve children in charity activities. Make no mistake though still young, children are able to empathize and understand giving. Children will realize that money tidakhanya to buy something, but also to help others.

3. Talking about "big things". Teach your children well through the answers to questions about the world. About how widespread the world and God as creator.

4. Laughter for the little joke. Laugh when the little funny. Someone will be happy if deemed him funny.

5. Carry a tune. Begin to sing for the little guy since he was a baby. Your voice could soothe a child.

6. Assigned homework. Children can recognize the responsibility to perform household duties and became the family team at home.

7. Reading together. need not long enough for 15-20 minutes. While discussing a particular story you and your child feel kebersamaan.Waktu that not long enough for children to feel the closeness with your child while developing a love of books.

8. Go to the playground. outdoor activity is the best way for children to train motor skills ballpark. Physical exercise affects the brains of children. Children who are physically active have better performance and have higher self-esteem than children who do not perform physical activity. besides physical exercise reduce the likelihood of children suffering from obesity.

9. Inviting bed early. Activities run more smoothly if the children to bed early. they can wake up with more fresh, not fussy, and the days can pass better. Parents are also more comfortable if the child to bed early.
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tips on choosing toys children

At present various kinds of toys are easily found in various places. However, where the right toy for the little guy. Here, the role of parents to choose appropriate toys that can stimulate the intellect and creativity of children. And of course the safety factor also needs to get attention. Here are some tips on choosing toys for children:

1. Parents need to know the stages of child development, both age, emotional and physical.

2. Concerned about the toys that are used. Do not just buy an expensive, matching the abilities of children.

3. Security appliance play need to be considered, both of materials and performance of these tools.

4. Choose toys that color contrast and bright, to stimulate the child's sense of vision.

5. Make sure all the toys within the reach of children, to avoid injury when the child is trying to achieve.

6. Children age six months or more like toys that emit sounds and colored objects such as bells, bells, miniature bells, colorful pictures and soft-textured objects.

7. Give toys like lego and the like that have a variety of forms in children aged 9 months and above, or a similar toy that can be played during the shower.

8. No need expensive toys for your child. Little need a stimulus to stimulate creativity, and you can do this by making it yourself, of course, your creativity is needed
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Tips for Choosing Toys Children 1-2 Years

Little began trying to become an independent individual. He is more skilled at running their own, even always tried to take his own objects that caught his attention. Stay creative use of existing toys to help your child start his first steps, first words reveal, recognize shapes and colors as well as learn to make something.
Additional toys for this age can be:
* Various puzzles. Start from a very simple, such as only consisting of 4 pieces of the puzzle. If he has the hang of toys you can give him more of a puzzle that the number of cuts
* Mini-climbing arena. Childrens Toys toy gives children an opportunity to climb, up the stairs, sliding safely fit her body shape and height
* Big canvas. The desire of children to use crayons scribbling in his grasp even greater. You can put paper on the floor or wall and allowing him to scribble as he pleased. If you want to buy a toy could be in place to sell toys, toys online, toy stores, toy stores, toy shop. Be careful also choose a place to sell the toy.
* A vehicle that can be boarded. Stepping up the vehicle that can move into your little one fun experience. At this age, children are not be expected to ride my own vehicle. He needs your help to push. At the toy store / toy store, toy shop, we can ask about the problem toys, but still must be filtered out as well.
* Finger paint. Let the children of expression with his hands. There are many substances that can be used, even foods like ice cream:)
* Move follows a rhythm / count. Encourage your child clapping, shaking, spinning, jumping, etc. on a regular basis to the rhythm
* Mention the name of the object. Ejakan name of each object per syllable for children to follow. Accompanied with funny expressions and peculiar to each body for memorable and a learning atmosphere so pleasant. For instance, "this car, Brum-Brum"
* Classification. Involve your child while clearing Childrens toys toy or lift the laundry to get to know the classification of objects, colors, functions etc.
* Hand skills. Give children a variety of waste paper for the more skilled squeezing, tearing, pinching etc.
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good kids playground

Being sensitive and thorough in seeing a visual object in detail may be difficult for some children. But not by some small child who had been stimulated with toys and games to have that intelligence.

Some types of games children can develop visual spatial intelligence of children such as:

1. Jigsaw puzzle. Use simple puzzles, then invite children to guess. Can with tools or without tools. Let them berimaginasi to create their own puzzles.

2. Playing the role. This game includes a game that most kids love. The method and tools used are very simple. Playing the role of such child's role as a mother or father or the roles that other good.

3. Main puppet play. Doll is very useful to develop a child's imagination. Let your child own dialogue and stimulate their imagination power by switching on dialogue from her dolls.

4. Mimicking the image of the object. Create an image such as interest and then invite the child to mimic the image that you created. When a child can hold a pencil or crayon well this game should be frequent.

5. Playing with toys candles. Create a form with a wax toy very appealing to children. Various forms produced a mixture of imagination and creativity of children.

6. Compiling object toys. Playing stacking blocks or puzzles will sharpen the ability to imagine the form of the object you want in the wake.

7. Read the book. Fairy tale story book or books can be used as an introduction to sleep but also to encourage the imagination more sharply
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